Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TMX week 3 review

 Tmx is back with the week 3 fantasy recap!! 

The wild season continues with injuries piling up (someone wake up Jermichael Finley ???) Four starters this week posted goose-eggs!! Finley, Richardson, Nicks and Dbowe Tmx is calling you out!! Due to the twitter world starting #teamiggles uprising this week we are going right to the All Iggles team. TMX is for the people!!! Here we go!!

QB-                     R.Wilson                        29pts                           Sflabo
RB-                     J. Bell                            21pts                           Sflabo
RB-                     A.Bradshaw                   18pts                           Black Dynamite
WR-                   A.Brown                         41pts                           Who's Your Fav New Kid
WR-                   J. Gordon                       32pt                             Who's Your Fav New Kid
TE-                    D. Walker                         7pts                           Sflabo
K-                       R. Succop                      13pts                           Black Dynamite
D-                      Ravens                           25pts                           Nutsaway

          I know we wont get anything from the non talking management over at New Kid but 73pts on the bench from 2 WR's in a KNOWN WR league has to be some sort of record??? Pretty impressive on some level, if Iggles handed out compliments I'm sure he'd drop you one but that's not his style; he probably just smirked. 

Sflabo and Black Dynamite also offered up more than one Iggle this week with the race as tight as it is at the top that has to stop to make the push for first place! Nutsaway regrouped after two tough weeks and if they didn't feel obligated to make an Iggles contribution may have won the week!!! 

The top five teams are currently separated by under 25 points. The bottom two are 100 down and need to turn it around but fortunately there is alot of football to come( I mean a shit ton).  

This week unfolded as follows: 
DMC finally had Newton step up and won the week despite getting a 0 from DBowe with 138
Nutsaway bounced back in a big way with 131 as Demarco and Brees had big weeks 
3rd place with 130 was Black Dynamite as the continue to ride Shady Mccoy and the Bears d
4th place was In Peyton we Trust with 118, Tmx math dept figured Manning on pace for 63tds
Who's your fav New Kid came in 5th with 117 
Setitfgtit was 6th with 112
Jerkshots 7th with 101
Beachbums led the under 100 crew with 94 good for 8th this week
Sflabo came in 9th with 88
Slippery Wizards barely showed up putting up 86pts. 

The bye weeks start this week so owners need to figure out bye week replacements. Tmx has its ear to the street in conjunction with @Folandotcom on the twitters and has heard of several trades that have been offered but nothing yet has come out!! Few complaints on people not replying to offers??? In the words on one time slumlord owner Smiddoggy GROW UP.  Someone offers you a trade at least reply so they know you got it. There is Thursday action as always so get in on some of that action. 

The Sunday Supper Club is back this week after a hiatus last week to attend a prior engagement - Tmx will be back to the compound to take in the action!! Come if your invited and NO HAMMY DANCES ALLOWED sign out front is there for a reason and strictly enforced. 

Tmx is always there to break news so if you got a hot lead hit them up. Tmx out.

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