Monday, September 30, 2013

Halloween is a month away

All you closet whores better start planning your slutty costumes now. Also, people stop dressing in onesies and going as babies.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. There was a time when Chrissy could of banged Grogan.
2. Congrats to all the people out there having babies. I know a few people won't be making it to the 7th annual mustache pub crawl because they are pregnant now.
3. Jeffrey's upstairs part of his house is now 93% complete. He has finally moved up there this past weekend.
4. The 3rd annual Kubie krawl was a success. Phelpsy and the boys have grown it every year. Keep up the good work.
5. I have no idea how Muslims hate pork. That shit is delicious.
6.What part of home renovations is more stressful - the money aspect or if the work will come out good?
7. Who knew there were so many different types of light fixtures out there.
8. People hate the Nordiques but LOOOOVVVVEEE the Whalers.
9. I couldn't name more than 3 guys on the Cleveland Indians - Giamibi, Masterson and Swisher after that no effing clue.
10. Everyone has an opinion on Obamacare. One way or another.
11.Why does it seem like the weekends last shorter and shorter.
12. How long is too long for a beard? Is Duck Dynasty beard length acceptable? Asking for a friend.
13. Newton gave me a set of golf clubs. Does he know I am not a golfer by any means. I just like a good time drinking.
14. Pretty sure there are life lessons in most things that we do.
15. Jeffrey is addicted to Groupon.
16. Chrissy is at the point now where all he cares about is his baby being healthy and not what the babies name is.
17. Are Native Americans upset by the term Indian summer?
18. If you had to rank the Boston teams popularity right now are they Red Sox 3rd behind the Patriots and Bruins? I am hearing more about opening night For the Bruins on Thursday than I am about the Sox having the best record in the American league and making the playoffs.
19. I should tweet more but I feel like I am always getting caught up.
20. Leave it to Chrissy to argue about a bait and switch in cover bands and he gets free cover charge.
21. Whoever says the housing market is down has not seen all the buildings going up in and around Southie.
22. Children's books are not cheap.
23. Vinegar is a wonder cleaner.
24. Who is looking for old baseball cards? Someone found a box full and dropped em off to me.

See you all at the Bruins home opener.


The guy from RI who was the best dame security officer ever until that scab cost him his job. said...

24 I wil take them.

anna said...

The security job is the stuff job which having more risk