Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I hope everyone is out there celebrating black history month.Make sure you buy your colored friends some coffee or a beer, and don't forget to give out some hugs.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Texans like their beers, even at 10:00 am.
2. 1% of Americans are allergic to alcohol. That number seems surprisingly low considering how man people are allergic to god damn peanuts.
3. I hate each and every Harbaugh. That safety cost Mikey T and I a square.
4. Note to self: when you order a burger medium and it comes back purple, do not try to eat around the raw hamburger, even if they have $3 beers. You will probably be shitting and puking before the days over:

 5. When tipping at an open bar back to $5 tips are encouraged so that you can get straight vodka(with a lime).
6. It wouldn't be a wedding if I didn't have my tie on my head (obviously my eyes are almost closed):
7. Yes, Chrissy I know this is being posted on Tuesday.
8. I did hear that when the blog is not posted by noon on Monday a little piece of one of the readers dies on the inside.
9. The Bruins doing their best to get fans back behind them:
10. I did some scouting for the Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail party.  I plan to go this year.
11. Jacksonville is fucking huge. Wanted to go to a bar Saturday during the day and it was 19.1 miles from where the hotel was. THAT WAS IN THE SAME CITY.
12. Looks like Super P is Pembroke bound.
13. Yes people my hair gets curly when its wet.  This shit is natural no perms here!
14. Not good when your fence goes down during a wind storm(even  if the fence is actually your neighbors):
15. Traveling with a suit in a garment bag sucks.
16. Temple Run 2 is way more fun than the original.
17. I know that the ladies love NKOTB but Chrissy may love them a little bit more. I believe he has tickets to both shows in June at the Garden.
18. Northeastern beat BU for the 1st time in 25 years in the Bean Pot.
19. I got asked to turn my ipod down on the plane. I guess the other guests in my immediate area weren't down with Tupac.
20. Airports are like little cities. I mean they have every fucking thing there.
21. Krystal burgers are like White Castle burgers. I enjoyed mine at the Atlanta airport.
22. People get over Gronk partying. If you were 23, almost 24, and a millionaire you would be out partying like a rock star too. I mean I would. Work hard and Party harder.
23. Welchie is out there, finding out anytime you attach the word "wedding" to anything it is instantly $2,000.
24. I am officially out on Shameless. The show was good at first but now its just recycled and lame.
25. Southie Rules is so bad but the kid who sleeps on the couch should have his own show.
26. Now I aint one to gossip but I heard Smiddy is getting backed up in his gambling and may be ducking the bookie.

That's all for now.  I am sure that I was drunk and forgot half the shit like I usually do.
Thanks again for reading...till next week!

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