Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Sorry boys and girls this is going to be a short and sweet things I learned. Work is busy as all fuck and I just don't have the time.

This is what I learned this week:
1. Cats can be stressed and when stressed they piss everywhere, even on ones slippers.
2. Chrissy thinks he writes for the WWE.
3. Any talk of getting a second dog and people freak the fuck out.
4. Doe is starting her next rounds of tattoos this Friday.
5. Shaun Larry is back from his Honeymoon. Ready to start making babies.
6. Someone keeps signing me up for "rock solid picks" via text, 402-913-5903 if you are interested.
7. Mungo and Mary are having another baby girl.
8. Some people just can not multi task.
9. I guess you do not have to shovel your side walks in Quincy. At least the people of Adams Shore don't.
10. I plan on going to the Scituate St. Pattys day parade if anyone is interested.
11. Anyone who doesn't like breakfast for lunch or dinner every once and a while is probably a communist.
12. Jeffrey still states he can run a sub 5 40 yard dash(same kid who says he can kick a 30 yard field goal). Any takers?
13. Anyone have any good tattoo ideas for Chrissy - Polynesian or Mayan in origin? Kid is looking for some ideas. Wants to start his arm.
14. Super P is just waiting on the work(furnace and wall) to be finished then his house inspection. Then he will be the proud owner of a place on the lake in Pembroke.
15. Just because someone gives you a free puppy does not mean it is without costs.
16. People go all out at the Great American Bash at Ned Devines for the Daytona 500.
17. Rio is stepping up his house hunting game. Just fired his 2nd real estate agent and is now working with some Cougar broad.
18. I am none too happy about having to get a root canal.
19. Why is it so hard to get someone to come by and give you an estimate for a home improvement project or 2?
20. It pisses me off that it will rain for 2 fucking days yet the salt never washes off my car.

Sorry that this is a quick short list (and a day late) but works hectically busy with stupid shit all this week. Some list is better than no list.

Hope to see you guys out Sunday before the Bruins/Habs game. SUNDAY FUNDAY IS ON THIS WEEK!


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