Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Text of the week

Since this is Chrissy's week on the blog, I am pleased to bring this text of the week(this is the actual text conversation between Chrissy and I, as it is typed) -

C(hrissy): Nothing like coming home & having to call 911 cuz ur tenant is dead.
D: The black dude died from the cold?
C: Think so
D: My heart just broke
C: My stomach is turning. Cops asking me questions.
D: Shoukd of had him upstairs
C: I tried he was stubborn
D: Well now hes dead!
C: Well don't have anyone die in your house. Called 911 @ 1145 cop just said another 3 hours
D: Whoa. Are you ok? Good thibg the baby wasnt home
C: Shes upstairs w ali
D: Oh you took the day off to pick them up?
C: Ya I havent seen them in over a week. Was gonna b a nice surprise
D: oh man
C: Welcome home hunny theres a dead guy down stairs
D: That rooms bad news. Set Tooma down a path of destruction and now dudes dieing.
C: Hahaha well I need a new tenant
C: And tooma was down that path long b4 the room.
D: You want me to ask around? Put it on the blog? Ask Dave and Doe, they may want a place up here while they search for a forever home

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