Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy New years

Man, there are only 4 days left in this year. Then we can close out the year of MJT. I hope, as always, that the next year is better than the last.

Lets see what I learned this past weekend:
1. People need to stop busting my balls if I don't post things I've learned on Monday. Sometimes there is a holiday and I am not turning my computer on.
2. Almost 50% of all the money in circulation are $1 dollar bills.
3. Andy Reid has never had a shut out in 207 games.
4. Iggles puts up Christmas lights. I thought that dude was an atheist?
5. The Skza gets a Movado watch and scratched it in 15 minutes.
6. Abe Lincoln bought 50 cents worth of cocaine in 1860.
7. People are gearing up for the Yankee Re-gift swap on January 14th.
8. Should I be as excited as I am about buying $4.00 books for my kindle?
9. People still call other people dipshits? Rio does.
10. Why has no one bought me bacon of the month?
11. Mike is celebrating my birthday  today, he likes to move it around and celebrate different days.
12. Rio is secretly in love with IKEA. Guess what budso the secret is out.
13. How come Julie Nickerson comes home from LA LA land but she doesn't call anyone to hang out or meet up for beers?
14. Just because you win the Superbowl in fantasy football doesn't mean you are getting paid until all the cash is in.
15. How can you wait 6-8 weeks for new furniture just to have the wrong color come in? Then the store act like they are doing you a favor by not charging for delivery for the correct furniture that I have to wait another 6-8 weeks for?
16. Do people still go out for New Years? I mean besides heading to Trinity of course.

Well until next year...have a nice and safe week/weekend!

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Julie Nickerson said...

Really.....don't go there buddy. You know when I'm home and what I was doing.