Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TMX week 8

Tmx is back after a wild week 8!!

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Coming to you LIVE from the SSSC complex where hammy songs, tebowing, SECOND DOOOOOOWN, Eddie Pinnette and great food are alive and well. This week in ADSL was one of the wildest ones yet! We had defenses scoring over 20pts all over the place and THREE starters who registered ZERO points and one who could only manage 0.5. There is alot of rumblings coming from the cellar as the two last place teams are fighting to get out finishing first and second this week. Tmfntm has to be looking over his shoulder while screaming at potential busts Chris Johnson and Tony Romo! The Slippery Wizards face their toughest week to date with DMC injured and co-mvps of their team Killah Cam and Megatron on byes this week they seem destined to lose their grip on first. The Saints offense let alot of players down this week as did the Pats to tighten this up in the middle of the pack. The last two bye weeks are coming and the waiver wire is extremely active.

There were numerous trade rumors including one that was squashed at the last minute that had Jerkshots getting greatest tight end in Nfl history Tony Gonzalez as well as Lynch for a bye week replacement Pierre Thomas who is not a Jerkshots starter, reason given Jerkshots dont trade with people ahead of him. Tmx is not here to judge their reasons we just report. This weeks winners were Dillons Villenz who was able to hold of the Devils on Monday night by 2.5 points despite Mathews going down with a hammy!! The devils have put up an impressive 286pts last two weeks but the Villenz got the win this week making them a two time winner. We contacted the frugal owner and his only quote was " glad I dont have to worry about transaction fees and hope I dont have to use the money on a dress" Now on to what Tmx is here for: TO HELP.

This weeks last place finisher was I Have No Legs the totals are as follows:
Flacco 16pts
Benson 0pts
Hardesty 0pts
Boldin 22.5pts
N. Washington 17pts
Daniels 8pts
Rackers 6pts
49ers D 16pts for a respectable total of 85.5 pts.

Tmx did extensive research and used all its resources to come up with a way to help No Legs. First we suggest a name change. It seems your team is taking on the identity of NO LEGS. I mean you got a total of ZERO from your running backs what did you expect NO LEGS? Second if you knew your rbs were hurt or suspended you should have reached out and made a trade to get in some players. A little misconception at ADSL is that its a no trade league unless you work with the person you trade with. This is totally false. You can trade with anyone in the league. Just a friendly FYI. Team No Legs did manage to put up 85 points with his top guns on a bye so not much more can be said as the damage is already done. We did however call old Tmx friend Cedric Benson to see what's going on. Hey Ced its Tmx remember us? "Hey TMX whats good? just chilling on my boat, THE MAN suspended me for some bs charges, oh well, whats up? They suspending me again Tmx?" Nah we are just calling to let you know you were started this week. "haha well you let No Legs know i'm coming back and I'm gonna run harder than ever not just for No Legs but to let the Wizards and Hoodsie know that neither of them called me when THE MAN suspended me. I"m a man on a mission now!!!" Wow sounds like No Legs may have a huge week ahead!!!

Now on to this weeks All Iggles team:

QB- Cam Newton 32pts ( Slippery Wizards)
RB- B. Wells 14pts ( Tmfntm)
RB- P. Thomas 11pts (Jerkshots)
WR- M. Floyd 17.5pts( Devils)
WR- S. Rice 18.5pts( Sflabohfrw)
TE- G. Olsen 15pts ( Beach Bums)
D- Detroit 38pts ( Hoodsie)
K- T. Franklin

The All Iggles team bounced back in a big way this week for a 146 total!! The bye week didnt seem to hurt the Iggles especially with the Slippery Wizards once again giving the Iggles big points. Tmx didnt check the figures but we think if he started Newton instead of Brady he may have pulled off the week. Guess his love for All Iggles is apparent. Team Hoodsie gave the Iggles a huge 38 point performance from the Detroit D that I'm sure they loved. Somehow the league was able to start players with zero points and bench some with 30! Lets clean this up and shut down the All Iggles they are turning into a dream team. Now onto this weeks player of the week.

Before we announce the Tmx player of the week we want to bring in the PICK UP OF THE WEEK. Bye weeks are forcing people to make moves and there were quite a few notable ones like Anotonio Brown and Reggie Bush but the pick up of the week goes to Sflabo for the Tenn D pickup that brought him 20 points!!! No off weeks on the waiver wire people!!

This weeks player of the week had alot of competition Sjax, Ray Rice, Bengals D, Bills D, Manning's little brother, Shady Mccoy seems alot of stars did their thing but Tmx is going to give the Player of the Week to none other than Cedric Benson. Thats right!! Benson on suspension(sounds like a rap song in the making- BENSON ON SUSPENSION) with a dollar sign next to his name is getting the player of the week. Kudos to No Legs for giving the suspended player the start and then Benson went out and put up the same numbers as fellow starter Hardesty!! Tmx rewards such gritty performances. Stay clean Cedric and good luck this week. Your player of the week award will be mailed to you if Mike Foley's post office doesnt get shut down. Lets hope we play the right players and avoid the unpredicatable haaaaammmy curse. Til next week- Tmx here for the people.

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