Monday, September 19, 2011

September is on a roll

I can not believe that it is almost October.  That means that Chrissy's birthday will be upon us, as well as his favorite holiday Halloween. I think he is having a huge bash this year but don't quote me on  that.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Joey Martell is rocking a H2 Hummer.
2. Danny can not wait to have babies.
3. MikeyT likes to get after it at Red Sox games.
4. Jeffrey enjoyed his first time at Maggianos.
5. The key to Robs fantasy success is all the small tips his wife gives him throughout the season.
6. I finally got around to watching the movie Avatar and I wasn't all that impressed with it.
7. Ronald Regan was a ginger?? I had no idea.
8. Having a dog with a broken left toe on his paw is not fun:
9. Getting your season tickets is like Christmas in September:

10.  I guess Shaun Larry does not drink on Sundays.
11. Ryan is on WWF as SKZA.
12. (I actually learned this last week) Katie just signed up for a library card.
13. MikeG has his NH boating license.
14. People love the TMX report but they don't like their guys on the All Iggles team.
15. The Skza is back at work doing it up big.
16. I hate WEEI even more now that they are on 93.7 AM. I miss MIKE FM already

As always there is probably more things that I learned but I just don't remember it all.

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