Monday, September 12, 2011

Is it Fall yet?

I know it isn't fall yet on the calendar but for god sakes it felt like it this weekend. Seemed like the morning was cool with a bit of chill in the air(at least at 25 Poplar) but it warmed up  nicely throughout the day. You know what I always say - Bring on Fall.
This is what I learned this weekend:
1. When Jeffrey sings The Frank Gore song(to the theme of the Tom Green Show) it just sticks in your head..."This is the Frank Gore show not the Gore Frank show. This is my favorite show, because it is my show". See what I mean?
2. It is going to be a long ass fantasy football season if Chrissy text every time his team does something good.
3. The Mcdouble with bacon sucks!!
4. There are a ton of broads at Babies R Us. I think some of them just wander around to check out all the babies.
5. I think Katie may like the new Slaine cd more than me.
6. The HP touchpad is pretty cool and for $100 you can't beat that price.
7. The wagon aint so bad.
8. The habanero cheese from Cabot is no joke.
9. Shaun Larry is rocking the whole fantasy season without a smartphone or a computer. I guess he goes to a cyber cafe,  the public library, or his girlfriends house.
10. Jeffrey doesn't even have short list of names for his unborn child. Kordell, D'Brickashaw and Gage have all be ruled out.
11. I still havent spoken or seen Smiddy since Game 7 of the Stanley Cup. Hope he is alive.
12. I can't believe Andy Whitfield died.
13. Team Thundercats, owned by Katie and GM'd by Jeffrey had a rough 1st game.
14. If you need any fire wood, Iggles has plenty.
15. I guess Jeffrey works part time at Circuit City, or at least he dresses like he does.
16. Supah P is officially moving to Little Sandy Pond in Pembroke. Ladies lock your doors the pimp is in town.
17. I can not believe the Megabucks is up to 6.5 million. No one has hit in over 6 months.
18. Another year and I am out of the suicide pool in the 1st week.

I hope every one is doing well.

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riccio said...

Your on the wagon? You tried to slip that in?