Monday, September 26, 2011

Rolling along

Chrissys 34th birthday is coming up and there is a plan in the works for a trip to the Wickedon Pub. What weekend works best for you guys? We will probably go down on a Saturday and stay over for the night and bang out AT LEAST 20 beers!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Mike G is rocking a 2011 Subaru Legacy. The kid is styling and profiling.
2. How is it I go to a Bs game and try my damndest not to swear and the one time I do, I get spoken to.
3. Ladies go crazy for Pandora charms and bracelets.
4. The new banners look nice:
5. I am still pissed about this remake of Scarface. What next a remake of Jaws?
6. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise reports that drinking pickle juice relieves muscle cramps 37% faster than water.
7. Glad to see the Gunnah celebrating his birtthday with random Southie fun.
8. Mike G hopes this Redsox collapse will teach them a lesson.
9.  Kevin Romine kid plays for the Yankees and his brother plays for the Angels. I always had a soft spot for Kevin Romine.
10. CVG was getting hit on by a 40 year old and he didn't like it. Ran out right after preforming a wedding ceremony.
11. Irish ingenuity(This is how shaun Larry holds up his visor. Screws and sheet metal):
12. Three mile walks on 80 degrees 100% humidity days are not always the best idea.
13. Trigen has changed their name to VEOLIA energy.
14. Iggles is getting hitched so now there will be a Mrs. Iggles.
15. October 1st, Rio is going to start his beard. He will not shave it off till after the B's season. He will keep it trim.
16. The average cost to raise a child is now: $227,000...that's just until they turn 18 years old. 10 years ago it cost $166,000.
17. Rio and his crew are looking to rent a ski house for New Years weekend. Does anyone know of a place or have any good suggestions.
18. It is funny when the B's schedule comes out, everyone wants tickets but when it's time to pay the man the same people are hard to find.
19. Matty Kohansky has been found in North Carolina. There is no truth that he was living with Manuel Noriega.
20. People are going to hate no matter what you do, so just smile and let them.

Till next week...stay drunk and happy!