Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer is upon us

Summer officially begins tomorrow June 21st. I hope that the days of 50 degrees and rainy are over. I hope that everyone had a nice day at the parade. I have been working so I haven't had any time to upload my video or my photos. I will, when I get a spare moment.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Parades make everyone happy and in great spirits. I mean over a million people and only 9 arrests?
2. I can't believe a glass of wine is over 9 bucks! Shows you i'm just a beer and shots kind of guy.
3. Chrissy had never been to Maggiano's before...we may of created a monster.
4. Grillo may only roots for winners but the kid loves his Pellegrino.
5. I believe during Game 7 of the Bruins Stanley Cup, William J Smiddy told me he had to see about a girl.
6. Cast Iron sinks are heavy as balls!!
7. Asians know how to party.
8. I can fuck up some Sangria.
9. MikeyT knows how to celebrate a cup win.
10. I loved all the "Bruins fans" who just started watching this playoffs. Most told me during the Tampa series.
11. How can the MBTA not run extra trains for the parade? People were complaining they couldn't get on the T because the platforms were so backed up. Epic Fail MBTA. Now you know why no one ever wants to take the T.

13. People are in desperate search for that Stanley Cup Championship hat.
14. Does anyone know a driveway paving guy??

Someone mentioned to me that the Sox season started yesterday, right after hockey season ended.

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