Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Game 6 Review

Just a quick photo review of game 6:

Honorary Captain Milt Schmidt

This is the Stanley Cup rally Towel that KevBarry gave me:

This is KevBarry:
Biggest Bruins fan From Toronto. He received KevBarrys Towel because he is going to Vancouver for tonights game. Any towel from Towelman is legit. If I can't be there then a small piece of me can.

MikeyT and Swoops Sweeney:

Dirty Canucks fan tried to corrupt my Towelman attire with this rally gem:

Nuff said:
Gunnah is bigtime:
Hawaii loves Horton and Towelman:

Lanci and Swoops:
Dennis Leary right behind us:

Even PJ STock was into it:

Apparently the 5-0 didn't like his last sign. They were going to arrest it and then him.
Look at what I got!

The Bruins won 5-2. Luongo was chased after 8 minutes. The Canucks fans stormed out at 5:53.
I have had goosebumps all day.

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