Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Monday

Ok boys and girls lets hop right into the things I learned this weekend:

1. Mario is detoxing from his wonderful week long booze extravanza.
2. People are pissed Chrissy has stopped posting girl of the week.
3. I don't know who is more pumped for DJ Brighto's world premiere - Brighto or Welchie.
4. The kids did the warrior dash and the results are as follows - Heslin, Macroberts, Broderick, Annesse, Barros and lastly Mitchell.

5. Andy Capp has new BBQ fries, not nearly as good as the hot fries.
6. Refinishing a bench is longer and harder than I anticipated (I just have to stain it now):

7. Grillo believes in the Doug Flutie foundation and donated $100 at a charity event.
8. Joe and Colleen are rekindling the love.
9. Has anyone spoken to William J Smiddy? I am getting concerned. The kid never gets back to me.
10. Brian Folan is huge on the Face Book!!
11. Kelly Barker is hiding from Team One Flip.
12. Im glad I didn't win this because I would of pissed on it:

13. Nothing says guys being guys like a last minute bachelor party, thrown togther on a whim.
14. I am already sick of this Whitey shit(here is his apartment in Santa Monica -from Julie Nickerson).

15. Someone please tell Kjersgard that he can't get text of the week if the text is never forwarded to me...
16. It cost $38.00 for a taxi from Fanuel hall to my place.

Just a reminder - Jeffrey's bachelor party is this Friday(last minute) leaving my house at 5 pm then going to Providence then to Foxwoods. All are welcome to attend any and all parts of it, just let me know.

Also there is a cookout at my place Saturday starting at noon. Going till whenever. There will be a bean bag toss tourney and flip cup in the garage(hopefullyI get around to cleaning it up).  If you are interested text me or telephone call me.


KevBarry said...

What are the details of DJ Brighto's first gig?

d said...

Cookout at my place on Saturday Are you around?

Anonymous said...

not so athletic are you mitchell