Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stanley Cup Game 3 review

So if the Wolf pack is Mike, Big Bob, Rio and me then what is Katie, Ashley, Rio and me, The Wife pack? That is exactly what we have heading into game 3.

Katie is excited for her first Stanley Cup finals game:

We tried to keep with tradition (we all know I have a routine) in check but when we got to the Grand Canal there were signs that their kitchen had a malfunction and they "apologised" that no food would be served. Oh well, its only Game 3 of the STANLEY FUCKING CUP and your kitchen doesn't work? Then you spell apologize wrong? No worries we headed over to Boston Beer Works. Now usually I have no problems with the food at Beer Works but last night my buffalo chicken tasted like fish and my fries were soggy. This night is not starting off too well. After stomaching whatever I could we head over to The North Star for some pregame beers. Apparently, Budlight, WZLX and Bob Sweeney are hosting some pregame shindig with trivia questions and give aways. Like I need to see a sober Swoops Sweendog? I just hope the 4 underage kids, who the undercover cops who took out of the bar for drinking, didn't have good tickets to the game. That would of been a waste.

I throw the Bruins Towel poncho on and head into the game at 7:40. There are loads of Canuck fans in and around the Garden.  By the time we get into the Garden they are all out of Bruins rally towels. I really don't need any more rally towels but this was a new and different one so I kinda wanted it.

This games honorary captain is Cam Neely:
The place is going BONKERS and why not Cam is not up in the press box watching in his suite but in the stands with us. When Renee Rancourts comes out the place is even more amped up but the crowd does something that I have never witnessed - they sing the national anthem with Renee. One of the coolest things I have ever been part of.  As I like to say SHIT JUST GOT REAL!

Lot of fast paced action to start the game. Then the HIT. When the hit happened, I was following the play so I didn't see the initial part of the hit on Horton, I looked up and saw him in mid air and then his head smash against the ice. There was a collected gasp in the Garden as Horton lay on the ice not moving with his hand sticking straight up. I located a TV in a luxury box and saw the replay over and over again. My phone was buzzing from texts that Horton looks bad, cheapest hit I've seen in a long time, no place for that in hockey, Holy shit and I hope someone fucks up Rome. I was just hoping that this wouldn't cause the B's to turtle.

It could of gone one of two ways - the B's look lost without one of their leaders or they step up their game and play like they need a win. They got their heads on right, buckled down and played like it was a game 7 must win. All tied 0-0 after 1.

Mashley is out there making a mockery of young love. Just flaunting it like there isn't a care in the world:
Katie was getting her popcorn when Ference started the scoring 11 seconds into the 2nd period. I was hugging and high fiving people 5 rows back. There was a small party brewing in the Garden...that was quickly turning to a full fledged bash! Recchi scored 4 minutes later and people started to breathe, 8 minutes after that Marchmont scored on a beautiful self pass short handed, 4 minutes after that Krejci banged in a nice rebound. We are going into the 3rd up 4-0. Everyone is cautiously optimistic. We all remember last years Flyers game 7 up 3-0. 

It's time for a hot dog and a pretzel. It has been working so you know I am gonna keep it going. I got one of the worst pretzels ever. I still toughed it out and ate as much as I possibly could.  Towelman will not be denied:
                       (yeah I used this pic already but hey its what I have)

The 3rd period started out much like the 1st one did lots of action but no scoring. The whole game has been chippy with a shit ton of penalties but hey it's a do or die game. Paille scores with 9 minutes left and we are up 5-0. The Canuck fans are awfully quiet up till this point but Hansen scores a beauty and they start chirping a ton, 5-1. The B's never let up though and in the last 3 minutes Rex, Kelly and Ryder all bang out goals. Game over, Bruins win...B's 8 Canuck's1.

See you all tonight. LETS GO BRUINS!! LETS GO BRUINS!!

Trading Nathan Horton for Aaron Rome is not a fair trade but there is nothing that can be done about it now. The Bruins, as a team, either have to step up their game and play their style of hockey or start making excuses as to why they got beat. Here is hoping for a huge win tonight and another home game next Monday night.

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