Monday, December 28, 2009

Someone is 32

Today is my birthday. Don't forget to buy me a shot or 12 next time you see me.

Let's see what I learned this weekend:

1. HOPE is a strong strong word.
2. Welchie pisses on 1 dollar bills at all times.
3. They still make Champion sweatshirts and people still buy bright red ones and wear em for Christmas.
4. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones put on a great show:

5. Home made Baileys is the shit, even better than real Baileys.
6. Alex's in Stoughton is sketchy and scummy.
7. A 50 dollar Yankee gift card swap is the best Yankee swap I have ever been part of.
8. Funny pictures on my grandma's wall:

9. Oh yeah, you never tell anyone you went to or are at Alex's...Per Mike Foley.
10. Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boys for 6 bucks is probably the last good deal of 2009.
11. Every man needs a good mechanic, good barber and a good tailor.
12. My camera on my cell phone sucks monkey dick.
13. I love back stage after parties(After the show its the after party and after the party its the hotel lobby).
14. The Hangover was not as funny as Old School, Step Brothers or Anchorman.
15. People are looking forward to the last week of fantasy football. They are talking and they want to see who finishes last.


Katie_K said...

Happy B-day Mr. Booze!!!

Anonymous said...

No ones talking bout who finishes last now. Smiddawgs wrapped it up

d said...

Oh they want to see the dress! They want to know where the drafts taking place...

Anonymous said...

is that kid on the right in the picture a giant for christ's sake??