Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas is 11 days away

I hope everyone is wrapping up this Christmas shopping.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Playing street hockey once a year is a blast but man it makes you feel old the next day.
2. The Golden Banana looks cheesey outside but is rather nice inside.
3. Mini Charleston Chews rock.
4. The Ninja-Bear-Hunter has been found shopping for supplies:

5. I can not believe it is $6.00 for a Coke at the strip club!
6. I don't care how much Jeffrey loves fried pickles, Hooters sucks!
7. Symphony 8 is the old Tiger Lilly, and I guess they kept the scorpion bowls.
8. This guys got balls:

9. The stripper heel click is the new move of 2009.
10. Everyone loves talk about couples being pregnant, even strippers!
11. Congrats to Mark Welch for being the game MVP.
12. Triple H day is officially the 2nd Saturday of December from here on out. Please plan accordingly and please pass the word along to anyone who may want to play.
13. I can not believe how Pussy Whipped Chris "Fab" Fabiano is...


kRAZY k said...

The Ninja Bear Hunter has beautiful silvery white hair with a smooth greaser wave, just like we've always dreamed of...sorry it doesn't show in the shot...he's a quick one.

d said...

Of course he is! HE IS A NINJA BEAR HUNTER!

Chrisy said...

with all the attention i got, im telling the strippers my wife is pregnant EVERY year!!