Monday, December 21, 2009

4 days till Christmas

I am glad that all my Christmas shopping is done. I can't wait for the holidays to be over. I am looking towards the Winter Classic as the real holiday.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Christmas shots of straight Captain is a great idea...
2. They still make Bud Ice and it still fucks you up!
3. Guitar Hero is a lot harder than it looks:

4. Atlanta has the busiest airport in the United states.
5. Shoveling snow when you are hung over is the worst.
6. Poor Franklin is rocking 19 stitches for a torn ACL:

7. Apparently people really do want Snuggies for gifts but are afraid to buy it themselves.
8. The ice for the classic at night looks awesome:

9. Some teams take darts a little bit too serious. I shouldn't be taking phone calls on a Saturday night about schedules.
10. You can't make this shit up:

A job and a green card??

Merry Christmas you filthy animals...

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