Tuesday, May 25, 2021

well well well

Not really sure if we are back or not...

I am not the most tech savvy guy but I am savvy enough to be a little bit dangerous

This is what I learned this weekend

  • 30 beers is a lot of beers!
  • I think people live to bust balls.
  • Invite me to all the events if you just need a drinking guy.
  • ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY DOLLARS for a weekly cleaning down the Cape seems like highway robbery.
  • Countdown to the Leaden house warming summer bash is on...25 days. (No one else get him a palm tree please).
  • Sox start back up at full capacity this Saturday - just saying.
  • Covid is done on Saturday, so that means haircut. If you would like to donate to me donating my hair to make a wig click here.
  • Pink Whitney is so fucking good over ice.
  • I assume if you aren't at least partially vaccinated you just dont want to get it. That is your perogative.
  • When does the fucking ocean warm up?
  • Bullet points are kind of fun, right?
  • August is still available
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