Monday, May 17, 2021


 Are we almost back to normal? My rumor guy (Chris Leaden) said he heard from his guy at the local Taco Bell that Baker is gonna drop a bomb shell and re-open the state on Friday May 28th, fingers crossed.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. When does TK start going to Weymouth Wildcats games?

2. Who knew I would love Detroit style pizza so much.

3. I realized Sunday that I have no clue where Watertown is.

4. So we aren't having a spring season anymore? Straight to summer.

5. Hopefully you guys connected with Leaden on what sides to bring for his cookout/housewarming party on June 19th.

6. We all decided that hot body summer starts in 2022 right?

7. The Cape apparently opened up early this season. A fucking 35 minute wait at the 99 is crazy to me.

8. Paul's Pit stop is opening in Quincy, hope they have decent BBQ.

9. You don't say your car is topless, you say them titties is out - its top down Jeep season.

10. New sneakers are always better when they fit right away.

11. Holy Communion parties mean getting lit, am I right?

12. 18 packs are pretty much what anyone should be rolling somewhere with - 6 is not enough, 12 would be sufficient but if someone starts drinking em you are back down to 6, and 18 seems like the perfect mix.

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