Tuesday, January 26, 2021


 I did it again. I forgot to post yesterday, I blame Leaden, talking my ear off all day.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. People are assholes.

2. Martell is getting is dog Next Friday. 

3. Who else is pumped to stimulate the economy now that bars and restaurants are open back to their normal hours?

4. TK is pumped that he can get his vaccination next week.

5. Raw burgers are served at 33 Homer Rd.

6. I  have been trying to get to coffee with no cream but man its not going well.

7. Serious question, will this vaccine open up travel? Can I go to Seattle for a weekend?

8. Has anyone been to Sarcastic Swine in Abington?

9. Baseball, hockey and now soccer? Maybe Julian can get one to stick.

10. When do you think gas prices go over $3.00 a gallon?

11. Bars being only 25% capacity means no superbowl open bars and just more superbowl parties. The numbers will spike again.

12. You should see Martells basement. He has to have well over 350 empty 30 packs to return.

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