Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I was listening to Toucher and Rich the other day and Dan Roche was on talking about having an APD - All Positive Day. Well I am going one step further and trying to have an APW - All Positive Week. So far two days in we are doing alright.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Neither Chrissy or Riccio gave me shit for posting late, must be the new year.
2. When did 97.7 stop being WAAF and start being old school R & B?
3. Remember when Sandler was funny?
4. This is how I feel about the snow already:
5. I think because of the snow we didn't end up going to Providence this past weekend.
6. Imagine losing $100 bill in a taxi, then imagine finding it and giving it to the driver. Well Uber driver extraordinair Chrissy had that happened to him...$100 richer.
7. The supermarket before a storm is basically the Thunderdome, anything goes.
8. Anyone know of any job opportunities out there? My man Supah P is looking after his company tried to bend him over with out Vaseline but Supah is a giver and not a receiver.
9. I've officially booked my room for the world's largest outdoor cocktail party. Now I just need tickets to the game.
10. I think that Jeffrey and Sarah may sneakily be going to BWW more than Chrissy or Leaden. 
11. Sometimes you just need a weekend to unwind and do nothing.
12. The Bissell pet hair eraser vacuum may be better than my Dyson.
13. It is officially the 10th and last year of the Mustache Pub Crawl but there is something brewing for the following year to take over.
14. Stepping it up big time and ordered a sausage stuffing machine!! 
15. From either lack of interest, everyone getting great gifts this year or perhaps the Pats game being on Saturday it appears as though the Annual Yankee Regift party for Saturday has been cancelled.
16. Speaking of the Pats game though I am available for Saturday sports day - Bruins in the afternoon and pats at night - bar hopping. HMU if you are interested.

Sorry I have been busy with the cold weather so that's why I was tardy with this post.