Monday, November 24, 2014

Turkey Lurkey

We are jumping right into it this week because its fucking 65 degrees out and 100% humidity and work is busy as fuck!

This is what I learned this weekend (Quick 12 pack):
1. Levis are $100? They are Levis, I mean what next Wranglers?
2. Chrissy is way more into wrestling than he lets on. I mean who practices wrestling moves on my dogs while painting their face like the Ultimate Warrior?
3. Trying to get a head count for the Whitley Classic hockey game. Who is in? Its December 6th at 12:00 noon. If we cant get  enough guys then we wont do it.
4. Dave and Doe are supposed to move back to Boston by the end of next year, 2015. Is there a pool on whether that happens or not?
5. Jeffrey killed $.25 wings last Tuesday and hes doing it again this week.
6. Who is in for the planning on Rios bachelor party? I am hearing Kentucky Derby maybe?
7. People are pumped for Garth Brooks at the Garden in January.
8. Its funny how everyone was badmouthing the Pats after going 2-2 and now they are ball sucking them.
9. Never ceases to amaze me when people are rude when they want things. Uhm, you get how this works right?
10. Has anyone had the Guinness Blonde yet?
11. The older I get the less patience I have for traffic.
12. Mother fuckers telling me they are done with Christmas shopping already, MAKE ME SICK!

  Bonus Round:
This is what I am hating right now:
1. People with their Christmas trees up already. Lets eat turkey first.
2. People who don't have any manners. Would it hurt you to say please and thank you?
3. Getting a headache right behind your eye ball.
4. Warm beers, served in a bar.
5. People who don't answer their phones but text you right back. Obviously I am calling for a reason. If I wanted to text I would.

Have a great Turkey day!

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