Monday, July 29, 2013

...and shit

Pretty much if you add AND SHIT to any sentence it instantly makes that sentence 100% better and shit.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Paddy Calnan is indeed his own man. His plane ticket is booked for Atlantic City and he plans on being bombed from the time he is dropped off at the airport till the time he lands back home in Boston. Who is watching him?
2. The state of Wyoming has 2 escalators.
3.Looks like Dalton is the boys name for the Macphails. Just looking for a middle name and a girls name.
4. Apparently Mario is an asshole and has pulled out of buying a house.(at least thats what his real estate lady said)
5. Little kids love slides and they love climbing up them more than sliding down them.
6. Im really glad the older I get the more my father is exactly the same.
7. How did I not know that they made 3 videos for Blurred lines?
8. We all have one friend who makes each and every situation in life about them.
9. Joe Q is selling a 2001 - 32 foot 5th wheeler camper is anyone is interested. he is asking $7500.
10. So what if I play 30 words with friends games at a time. Don't judge me.
11. Do I really have a potty mouth?
12. Anyone need a roommate or know of a cheaper 1 bedroom on the South shore. For a friend.
13. Slaine is playing Friday at the Middle East if anyone wants to go, I am in!
14. I had no clue they have a bus service in Southie that picks people up at their houses and brings them to the bars. I am jealous
15. The Chiefdude has started his tattoo cover up on his leg. Bye bye 1970's trippy wizard.
16. Anyone know anything about replacing ball joints?
17. For some reason my nose is breaking out and I cant be 35 years old having zits on my nose. HELP ME HANK!
18. So what if my 10 day old niece is the size of a 3 month old:

19. How come no one gets together for out door patio drinking anymore? The Barking Crab, Ames Plow, Salty dog, somewhere in marina bay? Come on people.
20. Beef brisket in the crock pot comes out A-OK! Get on it people.

Till next week.

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riccio said...

18. Chrissy can poop bigger than that baby. Can't you Chrissy?