Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer is half over?

Its hard to believe after a 7 day heat wave that summer is just about half over. If we never see another 90 degree day again, I'd be totally cool with it.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Julie is not only a 10 Club member but she is such a fanatic that she went to see Pearl Jam in Chicago at Wrigley field this weekend.
2. Congrats to Tom and Mary on their second child - Kaydance Rae, coming in at a whopping 11 lbs 2.5 oz.
3. There is now a Dorchester Ale. Made by the Percival Beer Company.
4. Happy 30th Birthday to Lauren Brady. Sorry I missed the cookout. Heard it was a blast. Next time I see ya SHOTS on me, no not body shots ya freak.
5. What you people know about Atlantic city?
6. The Hingham Beer works may be more expensive than the Boston one.
7. Getting all the guys in your fantasy league to commit to a day is a pain in the balls.
8. Chrissy is killing it with over time. Double time on Sundays.
9. Congrats to Joey "Cooking" Sousa on his marriage.
10. A 10 lb pork butt may be too much for just 2 people.
11. My nephew, Ryan, really loves to dig in the sand at the beach.

12. I don't get peoples love for electric tooth brushes. Just weird to me
13. Julian loves to dip his food into any sauces. Then when his food is gone he likes to dip his hands/fingers in the sauce.
14. Congrats to Mike G and his wife. They are officially pregnant with their 2nd child.
15.  Mikey T would be a thousandair if Dwight Gooden had panned out.
16. If you are looking for Accident/Disability/Life insurance give Jill a call 757-694-1277. She will do her best to come up with a plan that is best for you and your family.
17. I still got a little pull. MGM Vegas just sent me free rooms Sunday - Thursday.
18. The Dunkin Donuts AP is legit. Get coupons on your phone.
19. Stephen Flaherty's pool is down for the summer. The whole foundation is rotting away.
20. Calnan apparently can not make a move without the okay from his boy Dave. Still waiting Paddy...
21. This Whitey Bulger story just keeps getting weirder and weirder.
22. The Bruins schedule is out. I haven't gotten one text/email/request for tickets. That could be a 1st.
23. I wish there were more mexican/spanish food joint around. I mean there are a million chinese/asian joints. 24. Los may be looking for a new partner in fantasy football.
25. If you were a man and had to wear a dress to a fantasy football draft - WHAT BAR WOULD YOU NOT WANT TO BE SEEN AT?

As always I have probably forgot more than I listed.
See ya all at a bar.