Friday, December 21, 2012

TMX Week 15

Week 15 is in the books and here is Tmx's review!!

It was a wild week with teams moving and some teams missing opportunities to make the leap. There are two weeks left and with injuries and teams resting players its going to make for a very interesting end to the season. The top two spots are separated by under 40 and the bottom two by 10!! The third and fourth place teams are just as close separated by 22pts to finish in the money! Lets get to it.

 The second place team once again was White Unicorn fourth time in the last five weeks The Unicorns have been runner ups this time losing it on Sundays late game. The Unicorns thanks go to CJ Spiller and of course Megatron who is as hot as anyone in the league, the shanks go to Schaub and Witten and the guy who decided to sit Pitta. Third place this week is Beachbums who is locked in the battle for 3rd and can thank Ryan and Andre Johnson but shanks go to Jamal Charles and Reggie Wayne. The right plays are needed to finish in the money for the Beachbums. Fourth place goes to the current leader Sflabohfrw who can thank Beastmode, Bengals D and Julio Jones but 1pt Ridley gets shanked and puts the rb position in trouble for the final two weeks!! 5th this week was Jerkshots who can only thank Brees while the rest of the team can get shanked as there was not one other player over 20! 6th this week was Black Dynamite who can thank possible fantasy mvp AP who went off again and can shank one last time Ryan Mathews who again failed to get double digits and now is done for the year. 

Tmx listed Mathews as a shank every week and no change finally hes out for the year and maybe  now BD will take him off the roster. 7th place goes to Villenz who is in a dogfight for the top spot. Thanks goes to his rb duo but a shank to Daniels and an underproducing Manning. Villenz needs Manning to get hot again and to make the right plays to pull this off. 8th place this week goes to DTF who can thank Rodgers but shank his usually reliable rbs Rice and Martin. DTF made the Iggles happy this week but hurt his team, right plays will decide if he finishes in the money. 9th place this week is the voodoo cursed MFN who fought through RG3's injury and can thank Dalton and Packers D for ok performances  but Alexander dropping a 0 can get a shank. The injury bug has dominated MFN and he is fighting to stay out of wearing the dress with the last two weeks hoping to stay in 9th!!

 Last place this week was Nutsaway who got big games from his late season pickups Cobb and controversial trade BJGE they get the thanks but Stafford and Cruz get shanked and could have cost them getting out of the basement!! The winner this week was Slippery Wizards who got a waiver wire pickup thanks from Crabtree and solid performance from Brady while shanks go to Roddy White who made one catch!! The All Iggles was the team of the week and thanks mainly to just two teams who are both fighting for the money as well as costing one team the weekly win. Somewhere Iggles smirks.

Here are the totals

QB- C. Kaepernick                                   32pts                        DTF
RB-  B. Wells                                          24pts                        DTF
RB-  C. Johnson                                      23pts                        Beachbums
WR- E. Decker                                        28pts                        Beachbums
WR- J.  Jones                                         26.5pts                      DTF
TE-  D. Pitta                                           32.5pts                      White Unicorn
K---  B. Walsh                                         21pts                        DTF
D-     49ers                                             13pts                        Black Dynamite

                 Well the All Iggles went for 200pts exactly this week and this is exactly what being on the All Iggles is about. The last thing you want is your team on there and this week DTF and Beachbums loaded up the Iggles and cost them chances to get separation and White Unicorn's one player on there was the one that cost him the week!! Never a good time to be on there but to stack the team and cost your team is particularly painful!! Lets not be an All Iggles helper!! The last two weeks are here no Thursday action but there is Saturday action. The waiver wire saw some movement and the last two weeks wr snagged off the wire helped teams with 30pt performances so the wire is still alive!! Lets hope for no injuries and a big week for one of the teams that has yet to win a week. Good luck. Tmx OUT.

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