Monday, December 3, 2012

Let It snow

It snowed on December 1st and now it is 56 degrees outside. You figure it out.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Mario scored a 96 on the fire fighters exam. LETS CELEBRATE BITCHES.
2. Working on Sunday during football season is a drag man.
3. Katie seems to like her Uggs more than she may like me.
4. Watch your dogs, the ticks are out there looking for a warm place before they die off for the winter.
5. My brother Ryan has had both his appendix and gall bladder removed(not at the same time knuckle heads). I mean what other parts do you not need inside of ya?
6. Its amazing that you can still get Sox Pax for this upcoming season. And not just the shitty packages.
7. Not that many people are geared up for the Annual Street Hockey game. What gives?
8. I don't understand the Elf on a Shelf. That dude is straight up scary.
9. The Stadium is opening up a spot in Fanuel Hall, taking over the spot of Mcfaddens.
10. Rumor has it Smiddy is too fancy for the Junction now and spends most of his time at Lincoln.(This rumor has been neither confirmed or denied).
11. Its not officially the Christmas season until you hear Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas."
12. How the hell did I get a cold? I was fine Friday and then BOOM hit me like a brick Saturday.
13. I guess The BeachComber is still the Sunday night hot spot. The older I get the more things remain the same.
14. I heard all the jokes about Instagram being picture of food and trees. Yes, that is basically all I ever see on there.
15. The Yankee re-gift swap has been set. January 5th people, I hope you get really good shitty gifts.
16. The Cheesecake factory is always effing packed. Doesn't matter the day or time. Random Tuesday night or Thursday afternoon. PACKED!
17. Chrissy cleaned up at the card game the other day. Aint no body hold him down.
18. You really can not teach stupid.

Till next week.

If you are in the Quincy area tomorrow night. The dart team will be playing their last regular season game of the year. Stop down the South Side tavern.

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