Friday, October 19, 2012

TMX never sleeps...

(Ed. Note - this was sent to me Wednesday night but I wasn't near a computer so thats why It posted 2 days late).
Tmx is here with the week 6 review!! The bye weeks are  here and the waiver wire is on a crazy record pace 
(this means bonus beer money at the draft so keep making moves people!!) This week also set a new most points for the week record, DTF playing 3 Packers won the week with a whopping 188.5 pt week!!
The league leader VIllenz is up only 160pts on the team in the basement and only 25 points separate the fifth place team from the last so the basement could see a new tenant each week!! Mfn came in second this week with a big bounce back from RG3 just shaking off a concussion for 41pts!! Villenz continues to make the right plays and had Manning lead him to third place and remains true to his name by refusing to trade a qb and just dropping Philip Rivers! 
 White Unicorn looks to be turning the corner as Vick and Megatron put up superstar numbers and he took 4th for the week. Nutsaway had a rough week from his stars but still got over 100pts and is in the mix as usual. Slippery Wizards coming of a record low week was able to bounce back riding his running backs and Tom Brady. Black Dynamite is getting big numbers from Welker but rookie Luck let the team down and they came in 7th. Jerkshots felt the bye week worse as they tried to ride the Niners Smith, Davis and Gore who could only muster 19 points combined!! Sflabo had a rough week but Jets d was able to keep them out of last!! The last place team was perennial winner beachbums who finished with 69.5. Beachbums in a typical power move immediately cut the backup quarterback who outperformed everyone on his team!! Talk about sending a message!!! The first place team this week was DTF who started 3 Packers and had Rodgers and Jordy outscore 4 teams with just those two players and climbed out of the basement and into the money!! 
One of the move impressive performances in ADSL history!! 
Now onto the all Iggles
QB- Dalton            30pts              Beachbums
RB- S. Greene        39pts              Black Dynamite
RB- C.Johnson        13pt               Beach Bums
WR D. Bryant        27.5                Sflabo
WR- J. Maclin         27pt                Nutsaway
TE- A.Gates           23pts              Nutsaway
D-   Broncos           32pts              Black Dynamite
K-   J.Hanson          14pts              Black Dynamite

  The All Iggles finished with 205.5 if there ever was a week to beat them it was this week with DTF getting 188 and all the players on bye weeks!! The irony is a known non-Iggles supported going back to the Iggles-stein Accounting days was the biggest supporter this week!! Tmx was following other developements this week and was unable to make any calls to the winners and losers, for that we apologize be back next week. Painful Thursday action this week per usual so get your players in. The SSSC is alive and well and was working through a concussion dance and a wounded lead security Ronin. Hope no injuries this week! TMX out

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