Monday, October 22, 2012

Movember is coming

I hope that everyone had a nice relaxing weekend. I know I did, Jeffrey and Ronin did too:

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The Jack O'Lantern Spectacular is a shit show. It was purely chaotic. It
2. The US government stop using actual silver in quarters in 1964. There is also 1/4th of a troy oz in a quarter. So basically 4 quarters from 1964 or before are worth the going rate of silver, which is $32.14 at this point in time.
3. Supah P has an accepted offer to buy a house in Pembroke. Chrissy it looks like you have a new drinking buddy.
4. I think I am going to dress up as Frankenstein for Julian's 1st Bday party this Saturday.
5. It's sad to think that Thanksgiving is only a month away.
6. The annual street hockey game is December 15th at noon. Hope you can make it.
7. While I was at Stop and Shop yesterday they made an announcement that their system was down and they can only accept cash. You honestly would of thought it was the end of the world.
8. I was surprised that they have drink specials in Rhode Island. Probably because we don't have it here in Mass.
9. When you tell people you are getting a new tattoo, you should probably tell them its a half sleeve. That way they wont be surprised at the size of it.(I will post pictures of it after all 3 sessions are complete).
10. Chrissy is working only 1 Saturday night a month at CVS. This way he can keep his discount.
11. I don't really understand the Red Sox signing John Farrell. He is the same old same. Why not someone new like Brad Ausmus.
12. Hopefully this will be the last week that Ronin will have to take it easy with his walks. He still has a little hitch in his giddyup.
13. I have no idea how people drink the Mike Hard Lemonades. It taste like liquid jolly ranchers and gives ya heart burn.
14. Aquaphor is legit for your skin.
15. Is anyone as excited as me that Angry Birds Star Wars is coming out.
16. I stumbled upon this TV show Hillbilly Blood a Hard scrabble life.  I really can't figure out if I like it or not.
17. Jeffrey is telling people that he looks like George Clooney now that he has gray hairs coming in.
18. Make sure you buy MikeyT a beer and congrats on his engagement. Yes, he is officially off the market.
19. The worst part of getting a new tattoo is planning your next tattoo with the tattoo artist before your current tattoo is even part way finished.
20. Katie doesn't really drink but she loves Cape Cod Blonde Ale.
21. At Jeb's pig roast they were passing out homemade french fries in a bag. I thought they were Chicharrones. I mean pig roast + deep fried pork skin = match made in heaven. I was shocked that they sell them in a bag.

22. These guys seem happy, which makes me think NHL hockey isn't coming any time soon:

Till next week mofuckers!


The guy Newton got fired said...

18. Mikey T. is a fucking retard. Do not do it, look how miserable the rest of are. Right Derek?

8. RI sucks for drink specials because they never have them and here is why:

DRINK SPECIALS: RIGL § 3-7-26 (b), Certain practices prohibited, states “ No licensee shall advertise or promote in any manner, or in any medium, happy hours, open bars, two-for-one nights and/or free drink specials”. Department of Business Regulation, Liquor Control, Regulation 8, Rule 16, Happy Hour-Retail states “No licensee or employee or agent of an alcoholic beverage license shall sell, offer to sell or deliver to any persons or group of persons any drinks at a price less than the price regularly charged for such drinks during the period of Monday through Friday until 6 P.M. or Friday at 6 P.M. through Sunday”. This extends to Monday holidays if recognized and observed by the State of Rhode Island. A licensee may offer a drink special or specialty drink provided the price of that drink remains the same for the entire above described times during which it is offered.

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