Monday, January 9, 2012


Hello Mr. Winter are you going to show up this year? Just curious is all. I can deal with the 10 days of 40 plus weather in January if you are taking an extended vacation.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Some girls are easy, they talk about it, they get mad when called out about it. Don't air your dirty laundry then or keep ya legs closed.
2.  If you put a tooth in a glass of Coca Cola overnight, the sugar in the drink will make the tooth completely dissolve.
3. I guess Mark Wahlberg is getting all his tattoos removed. Why thats news worthy, I don't know.
4. Joe Martell did me a solid and cleaned my furnace sensor so that the wife could be nice and warm.
5. Saturday day Bruins games are something. The beers never seem to stop flowing.
6. I am pretty exited that Jack Bauer will be back at least for a movie.
7. (Chrissy will love this) The male porcupine begins the mating process with a high-pressure stream of urine that coats the female from head to toe.
8. I was looking forward to this upcoming season of Shamless but now after last nights episode I don't think I can get into it again.
9. I don't know why the NHL doesn't do 24/7 for more than just the 2 teams in the NHL or at least make it longer than 4 weeks. Maybe from training camp until the Winter Classic.
10. Who would pay to have Mrs. Seguin on the back of a Bruins jersey?
11. Blackstones is a great place for steak tips and getting away from the hectic hussle and bustle of Fanuel hall.
12. Never count Tebow out.
13. Congrats to Chrissys sister, Rachel on her wedding. Matt has made her an honest lady.
14. Joey Martell wants to start blogging soon. He promises to use the spell check.

Thats all I got in me today. As always I am sure I forgot a whole hell lot more than I remembered.


chrissy said...

The porcupine stole my move!

riccio said...

Was Chrissy invited to his sister's wedding?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out D! And yes Chrissy was invited to my wedding.