Tuesday, January 24, 2012


CLEVELAND - Tall, venti and grande may no longer refer to just coffee at Starbucks. The coffee giant now plans to sell beer and wine at select locations.

Starbucks will start selling it by the end of this year in a number of cafes in Atlanta and Southern California.

The company said it is exploring an expansion beyond morning coffee and afternoon pick-me-ups.

"As our customers transition from work to home, many are looking for a warm and inviting place to unwind," Starbucks' senior vice president Clarice Turner said.

Starbucks said it has already been doing a test run at some of its coffeehouses for over a year now. The company does not expect to sell alcohol in all of its nearly 11,000 U.S. cafes.

I guess they are trying to bring a  coffee house vibe to having a few beers. I guess this could work if people went to have a few beers and had no one to go with. I mean how many people just chill at Starbucks alone and drink coffees? Tons, so I can see where the same fools who stop for coffee in the am would then stop for a few beers on the way home to their bitching wives and screaming kids. Then when you walk in the door 30 minutes later than normal; "I stopped off at Starbucks" sounds a whole lot better than "I met Vinny at the Sand Trap for a few".  Good Luck Starbucks. Let me know when you start having mixed drinks because vodka mixed with the Passion tea and Passion team lemonade would be 100% my new favorite drink.