Monday, May 17, 2010

Manic Monday

What a rough and tumble 3 days. I am still rocking this ridiculous stache and I must say people are creeped out.

I am sure that I learned a shit ton of things that I just can't remember!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Tuukka Rask is over rated. Can we all agree on this?
2. Gray or Partially gray is not a hair color...or is it?
3. Last Comic Standing is coming back to TV.
4. After Parties after an all day Pub Crawl is sooo wrong yet so right.
5. Never stick yourself with the reverse end of a dart.
6. Supah P rocks the best mustache I have ever seen in person.
7. Paul Pierce is a free agent? I feel like I should of known this.
8. Eminem is back and better than ever.
9. Birthday cake ice cream is awesome.
10. Drinking is fun. Drinking for a cause is even more fun.
11. Walking on 93 is not a great idea. The cops like it even less.
12. Having a beard pub crawl is just ridiculous.
13. Matty singing Too late to Pologize could be one of the best things on a random Sunday drinkfest.
14. I thought Chrissy was gonna flip his shit when some random dude brought his OWN cow bell on the pub crawl.
15. Everyone secretly loves staches.
16. People want to revamp the pub crawl t shirts every year. What do you think?
17. Pearl Jam tickets for free...winnah winnah!

I will have pictures up of the crawl in a bit.

1 comment:

Wallaced said...

Change What --- It's a gD T- shirt --- and now a classic for 3 years in arow !!!!