Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's day

I waited this week to post, so that I could wish you all a happy Valentine's day.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. It is amazing to me that Jeffrey and Supah had never been to the Goal Post.
2. No matter how old you get birthday shots still happen.
3. New year new me, people out there just trying to better themselves.
4. Winter depression because of the weather happens. This snow ain't helping.
5. Speaking of snow, my snow blower is all jacked up.
6. Thank Christ for Supah P and his chain saw.
7. Guess who finally has a Nintendo classic mini? This guy!!
8. Sometimes you just have a bad day!
9. Matt and Meghan's baby is due next Monday.
10. Taxes are done!
11. Ever just feel like you need a vacation?
12. Breaking a zipper on your favorite jacket sucks.
13. How many days can you go without drinking?
14. Anyone seen Chrissy? Think he is MIA.
15. Jeans always fit better the second day you wear them.
16. Catching up with old friends is something you should look forward too.

Hope there is plenty of chocolate and roses in your future today.