Monday, February 20, 2017

Presidents day

I know I bring this up every year but life was better when we got Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays off.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. If you haven't been you should really try the Met bar and grill.
2. You didn't hear this from me but TK is finally getting a real cell phone.
3. Lazy weekends are needed from time to time.
4. Has anyone heard from Calnan? Hope his police training is going well.
5. Just a reminder, tell your friends, the 10th and last Mustache Pub Crawl is Saturday,, May 20th starting at 1pm at Cagney's.
6. I know some of you are surprised as I am that Coca Cola doesn't celebrate Presidents day.
7. Rumor has it that Grillo helped Chrissy out in a big way with his Ubering.
8. Why do I feel like I spend $150 every god damn time I walk into Stop and Shop?
9. Working and making cash money is great and all but if you can't find the time to spend it is it worth it?
10. Naps are under rated.
11. Any suggestions on t- shirt colors for the MPC?
12. When you have bad dream and wake up mad for a second that your friend did something mean in your dream.
13. Speaking of friends, we all have that one friend who holds grudges no matter what.
14. Tom Kelly is trying to get a group together this Saturday to catch the BU- Notre Dame hockey game. If you are interested hit him up on his new cell.
15. Random people come up to me all the time and start conversations. Do I have one of those faces?
16. Jeffrey told me he is officially too old to pay for covers.
17. I have 4 tickets for the Sox, Thursday September 28th. If you are interested let me know.
18. Cereal is totally fine for dinner. It is quick and easy and fuss free!