Monday, July 18, 2016

I survived

It was 50/50 if I was going to survive a week down the Cape. If anyone happened to follow Jeffrey's snap chat story you know what I am talking about if not then maybe you should get on that.

This is what I learned while on vacation:
1. Who hates on Smartfood? I mean honestly?
2. How does one hurt themselves jogging?
3. So far I have stayed in Orleans, Brewster and now Harwich. It is difficult tryinhg to find where you'd like to vacation every year.
4. Has anyone actually used one of those bagsters?
5. For the first time in 6 years, my flood insurance did not go up this year.
6. Is Julie Nickerson alive? Haven't heard from her in months.
7. Charles V. Grillo is in a relationship (Pretty sure it is FB verified).
8. Speaking of Grillo he is at the Republican National Convention because why wouldn't he?
9. Never give a 3 year old hot buffalo wing sauce on celery - life lessons.
10. Always dump out your mixed drinks when you leave for the day.
11. The older you get the more you realize whayt matters.
12. Jeffrey past 9 and went to 12...#Jeffreyon12 was trending for 6 minutes on Twitter.
13. Hong Kong Dave is fixing up his row house in Baltimore for his inevitable move back to Mass. If you know anyone looking in Ravens country.
14. Jason Foley is looking for a place up on Lake Winnesasauke if you know if anything out there.
15. I only had 3 texts about why haven't I posted a new blog steps.
16. I have been to the beach many times in my life but never have I had sand blowing into my mouth while I ate a sandwich, until this past week.
17. No one vacations like Lauren Brady - Pembroke, Cape Cod, Worchester, Rockland, Plymouth and Holden all crammed into 1 week of living.
18. I may have someone on the hook to get a tattoo of Derek riding a donkey.
19. You ever meet someone new who opens their mouth to speak and then just think to yourself  "What a fucking dickhead".
20. I may be looking for a new 10th for the ADSL fantasy league. If you are interested HMU.