Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas is 10 days away

SHOPPING DAYS THAT IS!! (Also my bday is 2 weeks away if you were wondering).

This is what I learned while away.

1. Tooma has no exit strategy for his vagrant casino living lifestyle.
2. Chrissy is in love with Pickle shots!
3. There is just a weird eclectic group of people whole live in the Poconos.
4. I can go the rest of my life without ever drinking cider again.
5. It is official I hate Buffalo Wild wings and Chrissy can not be happier there is one going in the Hanover mall.
6. A 5 hour drive to Mohegan Sun in the Poconos isn't bad but Chrissy making it home in 4 hours and 15 minutes is something special.
7. The Susquehanna Brewery tour is not only the 4th best  brewery tour in the country but the beers pretty good too.
8.  You can still smoke cigarettes in bars in Pennsylvania.
9. No big deal just wrap some rubber tube around the throttle of the train.
10. Connor Mcgregor is a beast. A cocky beast but still a beast.
11.  I am buying everyone clothes for christmas so get me your sizes.
12. The Where House in NY is a great burger dive joint.
13. The Macphails are looking at going to Disney in November, you guys know of anyone with a time share?
14. The Ames Plow in Faneuil Hall is closing.
15. Oh yeah I guess Snapchat is NOT for people over old.
16. My juke box game is on point.
17. Jeffrey goes together with a 12 pack and Sunday like peanut butter and jelly.
18.. When athletes change teams - Twitter can be a brutal place. See Cardinals fans when Heyward signed with the Cubs.

It was a drunk as all hell weekend so I am sure I missed lots of stuff but I have to run and catch up on work emails.

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