Monday, April 28, 2014

May may may

Hello Spring, where are you? Spring has sprung my balls!! Rain and rain, cold and cold, and blah blah blah.

This is what i learned this weekend:
1.We need more Sean Riccio in all our lives.
2. Calnan, the champion of civil rights, is on his way to LA to boycott the Clippers.
3. Life is all about mistakes: how many you make, how many you avoid and how you deal with them.
4. How many people are going broke from these $30 scratchies?
5. This is my fancy bartender/wedding look (I clean up well):

6. People are raging about Wegmans opening on Rt 9. Get there people. The place is the fucking shit!
7. Grass seed is not cheap. Not cheap at all.
8. Congrats to Mark and Cathleen on their wedding. Hope those 2 kids are having fun in Jamaica.
9. The past few days I have just felt out of it. Like my head is in the clouds. I hope that I am not getting sick.
10. After some confusion over the "artwork" for the MPC shirts, the shirts have been ordered.
11. Oh looky looky, the Bruins are in the second round of the playoffs and everyones hopping back on the band wagon. Bunch of fair weather fucks.
12. The buffalo chicken bowl at the Baseball Tavern is awesome. Chopped up buffalo chicken over french fries covered in blue cheese.
13. Never ever a bad meal at the original Pizzeria Regina.
14. Is there anything worse than heart burn?
15. Jebby tells me 2 bananas a day will cure all your stomach issues and pooping issues.
16. Little kids love to party at weddings.
17. Does anyone know a landscaper? TK is looking for one.
18. Holy shit trees are expensive.

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