Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Don't want to talk about it

I am not speaking about last nights Bruin let down. I will congratulate them on a fine shortened season. They far exceeded my expectations.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Pig Roast(I couldnt get it the correct way):

2. Big shout out and Happy 30th to Rachael Macphail Talieri.
3. Bouncy houses with hoses on the slides are all the rage now a days.
4. Buying 4 30 packs in one day and not getting drunk SUCKS.
5. Mark Welch will be moving in 20 days.
6. Jason Foley has a 1 bedroom apartment in Quincy if anyone is interested.
7. Supah P is growing this out till next Mustache pub crawl:

8. Since no one has come up with a name or money for Chrissy second child he is thinking Dalton, boy or girl. Dalton Macphail
9. Do you know anyone who has been struck by lightning? Albie is deathly afraid. HAD TO LEAVE THE BAR AFRAID!
10. Even the HG TV ladies love themselves some Towelman:

11. BK now delivers in Boston?
12. What are the rules/etiquette when you bring beers to a party? You leave what you bring, right? Or do you leave WITH what you bring?
13. I have witnessed the terrible 2's first hand at a 2 year old bday party Saturday.
14. Did Puma stop selling their sneakers in stores? Couldn't find a pair to save my life.
15. The Cheeseboy grilled cheeses are just glorified paninis.(his mac and cheese is good though).
16. The Chiefdude is getting his pinball wizard tattoo covered up starting Thursday.
17. How pissed would you be if some drunk(Chrissy) spilled a beer all over your head trying to get a foul ball?
18. Nora Mitchell is looking to get into Triathlons. Anyone interested in joining her?
19. Saw Kalin at the Plaza, she is crazy as ever.
20. How come we have not been to Twin Rivers now that they have live gambling?
21. Im digging on this new Instagram video.
22. Crumb the new cupcake store at the Plaza is the SHIT!
23. Nora has added her name to the Bruins season ticket list. If she gets those she will have Celtics, Patriots and Bruins season tickets.
24. I think my head is too large for sun glasses.
25. Don't forget I am having a cookout on July 6th. All are welcome. see ya there.

Red Sox season is in full swing and Football season starts in 72 days.

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Anonymous said...

That's fine you don't want to talk about the Bruins game. But you didn't even mention grillo and his fucking jinx texts & tweets about duckboats & maggianos for lunch during game 3 which was the last game they won! Fucking grillo cost us the cup.