Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day late and a dollar short

1. Yes, I had Monday off so there was no blog.
2. Yes, I worked yesterday but I didn't feel like writing a blog.
3. Here I am bitches - Take it or leave it.

 This is what I learned FROM LAST WEEK:

1. Sometimes a baby just don't want to come out.
2. Even though Chiefdude says he is not getting any more ink, he obsesses and keeps his eyes opened.
3. Jeffrey is a huge WHJY fan.
4. New Kids on the Block still put on a great show.
5. Nothing worse than when your mini beer fridge dies.
6. I am too old for dumb drunk shit at the bar.
7. People are selling B's tickets for $400 each this round, why don't I ever try that?
8. Why is there so much hate for the Sox?
9. Never ever a good thing to have your bedroom being rained in but then again when you don't have a roof on your house and its pouring out.
10. After using central AC for a week, I could never go back to window units.
11. This years Dot day bowl off winner is Chrissy, by 10 pins, what color shirt should we make him?
12. Only thing worse than a tooth ache is an ear ache (as an adult).
13. Peggy O's has officially changed:

14. Supah P's daughter is graduating from High School.
15. I am having a hard time getting back into Game of Thrones books.
16. Smiddy is back in action. Must not be dating anyone.
17. You can watch NBC sports online if you have a Comcast sign in.
18. Its funny how many friends you all of a sudden have when its Bruins Playoff time.
19. I think mowing the lawn is very therapeutic.
20. You ever feel like you take 2 steps forward and 6 steps back?
21. So far Ronins knee Mutt Brace is working alright.
22. I know people think Welchie has been on the move but he was actually in Ireland.
23. Pretty sure Big Bob tried to kill Mario - 6 Yards of Loam by hand on a 96 degree day?
24. The Cool ranch taco is better than the Nacho cheese taco.
25. I think Dot out looks forward to seeing Chrissy as much as Chrissy looks forward to them.
26. Tom Newton is a nomad.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah I know I should of updated yesterday but I didn't.