Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lets start the week off right

I am hoping everyone had a nice July 4th. I mean who doesn't enjoy a nice long weekend.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:

1. The meat market over by 1010 Mass ave sucks! Not worth the time or effort.
2. Apparently 4 Loko is back:

3. I saw the new Transformers: Dark of the Moon and I was not impressed.
4. Mike Foley does not like to lose at anything.
5. The Asians are super rude on the T. I mean no social etiquette what so ever.
6. Legos are dead to me. Basically they are just model cars and lack any imagination.
7. DJ Brighto takes his DJing super seriously.
8. Never try to rush cooking steak tips, even if you want to play bean bag toss.
9. I would say the 1st July 4th weekend cookout was a success.
10. Stylegal and her team of misfits beat my flip cup team 3-2. It was not my regular team One Flip but I will take that loss on my shoulders.
11. I guess Tiger spicy Shrimp is ok but Fire cracker chicken is not? Some people can't handle the heat.
12. Everyone gets upset with different house rules for beer pong. I may need to get a sheet made and hung up with all the rules for the garage wall.
13. Those 5 day coolers that say ice will stay ice in 90 degree weather are no joke. Still got have a cooler of ice and beers. Who wants some?
14. Sometimes dogs just like to be dogs and that includes not always getting along.
15. Who knew that Grillo was into movie producing as well as music producing since he was 13?
16. Sometimes in black jack you are just on fire and sometimes you are not.
17. The Satin Doll in Providence has $4.00 16 oz drafts and $5.00 cans. Not too bad for a strip club.

18. 6th speed on a 4 door Jeep Wrangler is useless. STRAIGHT USELESS!!
19. Miller High Life light is difficult to find but Chrissy did it.
20. If you need a wax and detail come on by my place and drop your car off to Tom:

(yes that is Mike Foley's Lexus)
21. I don't know the last time I had Jello shots but man they were delicious.
22. How is it we have a fire pit but no marshmallows?
23. Crazy drunk neighbors are not always a good time.
24. When your wife tells you she bought a bike make sure she doesn't follow that up with I need $100 to buy the bike.
25. Big Boi from Outcasts Word with friend user name is Bitchkilla2. He has thrown down a challenge. Beat him and win prizes.
26. They still make Ice House just ask Ferlauto:

27. You can see tons of fire works from the beach at the end of my street. Boston, Winthrop, Weymouth and Hull and everyone likes to make bonfires on the sand. Who knew?
28. Theodore is her Favorite:
29. Yeah Kelly Barker no showed for the 2nd consecutive year for our flip cup show down! NO SHOWED.
30. Always bring ice/or ping pong balls to any and all parties.

Bill Smiddy was a no call no show at the cookout as he was stuck in NH or something. Of you see him, please do a well being check.

Lets hope the week gets a little hop in its step.