Monday, July 25, 2011


This is the 1,890th post on this blog. Not too shabby. It is also the number I plan to play in the lottery tonight, so if it hits you can thank me in the am. You can all quit your bitching about no blog updates last week. I was on VACATION...

This is what I learned over the past week or so.

1. Everyone knows I only have 13 chest hairs well guess what I FOUND A GRAY ONE so now I have 14!!  Suck on that!
2. Dunkin Donuts now carries Tuna and Chicken Salad...kinda gross.
3. Do not go to Bear Cove during the overcast days. Mosquitos everywhere...
4. Hong Kong Dave and his wife the Angry Korean Doe have matching VW's:

5. Blue 22 has a wing challenge -  the most wings you can eat in 1 1/2 hours. Right now the reigning champ is Huang with 56...I know someone out there can top this.
6. Planting sod is not the best idea for the hottest week of the year.
7. The population of Hull is approximately 11,050 - 10,713 whites, 51 blacks, 120 Hispanics, 98 Asians, 5 Hawaiian, 34 Indians(dot or feather?)  and 51 others.
8. Someone tell the Vineyard that they need some AC STAT!!
9. Next time you are in a bar and you don't know what to order ask for a Ben Connolly Special - Henricks Gin, St Germain, and grapefruit juice (Ruby Red if they have it). Garnish with a lime and enjoy. You can thank me some other time.
10. If the temperature reaches 100 degrees everything in the state should shut down except for the movies and the beaches.
11. Rob and Jeffrey do mighty fine deck work. Craftsmanship at its finest.
12. The leaves of a potato plant are poisonous - so don't eat them.
13. John Brewer is back at the Barking crab.
14. The show Bar Rescue on Spike Tv is something.
15. Captain America was a really good movie but the Avengers looks even better.
16. Rinos place in East Boston is supposed to have the best Lobster Ravioli in Boston, I guess.
17. I knew that people would be pumped for the NFL but I didn't relaize how excited they would be for Fantasy football.
18. Karl sausages on rt 1 is legit.
19. I was unimpressed with Sonic.
20. How is it that I waited so long to watch the Other Guys? I don't think I laughed that hard in a while.
21. I knew that I shouldn't drink vodka but I had no idea that gin makes me sin.
22. Jeffrey used Suburban Lumberjacks to cut down his whole tree for $350 buck.
23. There is no Coke(the drink) on the Vineyard only Pepsi.
24. MikeyTs WWF screen name is Slipperwizard...

That is all for now!


Riccio said...

From your post it seems like Hull is the place to be.

Julie said...

Hull is a nice place. I'm naive to all the bad stuff that happens. I like to keep it that way. Welcome Back from vacation D.

Anonymous said...

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