Tuesday, June 24, 2008


These are things I would of written about yesterday (but I didn't want to take away from George Carlin):

Big shout out to the softball team. The team played well to earn the 1st win of the season. Mario made a great running catch, Mike G hit a bomb that still hasn't landed, Erv was being recruited by the other team and Stephen shunned the pain in his back to pitch a hell of a game. The softball gods, knowing we would be short a player or 2, were with us and forced a game 2 rain out.

Katies birthday is this Thursday and she is going to be 30 - The Big THREE OH!!! If anyone sees that lovely soon to be birthday girl and she is cranky, you now know why...she can't let go of 29. I hope it don't rain tomorrow for the Sox game, that would put a damper on the Birthday celebration.

On Saturday some of us will be playing in a golf tournament for Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation. If you want me to buy you any raffle tickets for prizes let me know.
Also do any of the other "teams" want some side wager action?
Smiddy? Jeffrey? Erv? Katie? Nora? Willie? Who's team comes in with a better score?


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