Friday, June 20, 2008

Its Friday so lets get the weekend started

1st off I tried the breakfast at Wendys, if you get the opportunity to get something there for breakfast - DON'T!!! It was FUCKING TERRIBLE.

So I posted some photos below of the parade.
Over all it was a good time BUT it went by wayyy too fast.
You couldn't really tell what players were on the duck boats until they were right up to where we were standing. So I was scrambling to take pictures.

Some highlights:
KG is crazy...CRAZY and he will eat your children
Big Baby is a riot without his shirt on pointing and yelling at everyone
Glenn Rivers really looked like he was enjoying it the most
Danny Ainge and Wyc were screaming like they actually played in the series
Sam Cassell didn't seem to care if he was there or not
Leon Powe and Kendrick were like kids in a candy store
I didn't get to see E-House but he was on the boat with Rondo
Paul Pierce was holding onto that MVP trophy and showing it off like a proud daddy
Ray Allen sat right in the middle and he was pimping
But in the end it was all about this:

There were too many drunk teenagers around. The Pepsi crew I was calling them. They all had Pepsi big slams that were flat and half many nips can you fit into the Big Slam?
Does anyone know?? I bet Chrissy knows. He has a way with those kind of things. AND WHERE CAN YOU FIND THE BIG SLAM ANYMORE?

After the fastest parade in America was over and everyone tried to race past us to catch up to it we went over to Beer Works for lunch. They got some really good food there.
Onto DJS for a celebratory Guinness. Then off to see Matty at Cheers, for a few Tic tacs- like whoa. Couldn't be in Fanuel Hall without stopping to see Aiden at JJ Donovans. You know we have to go and have some good laughs at the Hong Kong - hello Karaoke. Lastly when you find yourself at THE PLACE(after you have been drinking all day) you know its probably time to grab a cab and head home.

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