Monday, June 16, 2008


Why do I feel like I got Rondo'd???

I am a mess today. I could still be drunk, I want to puke and to top it all off the Celtics LOST!
Paul Pierce practically got raped on one play and there was no call. I am calling BULLSHIT AND HORSESHIT. I hope Dick Bavetta gets a LAKERS RING after the calls he was making...FUCKING TWERP! I HATE FUCKING TWERPS!!!

Ok I am over that (FOR NOW)...Now onto other things and happenings:
The MGM Grand at Foxwoods was pretty nice. The decor is trendy and modern - much more VEGASY than Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods. The overall casino is rather small but it fits with their theme. The clientele didn't seem as dirty and trashy as the other 2 casinos but hell it was fathers day and they have only been open a month so time will tell if that keeps up.
Kates and I had lunch at Craft Steak, I am not impressed and I probably wouldn't go back. I mean $150.00 bucks for lunch and there was nothing really that wowed me.

We went to visit Kates family for Fathers day, on Saturday, and we got stuck in that shitty storm. They had flood warnings, hail and 70 MPH WINDS...yeah we made it home in one piece. I know you were worried.

To all you fucking Dickheads who wanted a game got it! Game 6 tomorrow night at the TD Bank North Garden. I will be at DJS if anyone wants to come down and have a few beers and HOPEFULLY celebrate #17.

We still have a few tickets left for Buffett, Saturday September 6th. If you want to go let me know. The sooner the better - whoever has their money 1st gets theirs...right now the crew is Me, Mike, Jeffrey and Rydawg AKA the SKZA. We will tailgate and get bombed and make it do what it do!!!

Have you seen the 2008 Dot Day Champion:

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