Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Saturday May 31st

Few things for this crazy weathered Tuesday:

1. This Saturday night we will be going down to DJ's at the Garden for the 1st ever ELITE XC on CBS. It is Kimbo Slices' first chance to prove that he is not just an Internet sensation. The fights start at 9:00. We should be down there around 7:00 to get our drink on.

Jackie Moon will be there kissing babies, selling his soul, shooting the shit and if we are lucky he may even fight a bear!!

If you guys are around come on down - invite your friends, family, and loved ones. I mean it is a Saturday night and people like to drink.

There will also be a live band, Rip Cord, there so ladies you can get your dance on!

2. Dont forget The Dot Day Bowl off is 5 days away...And we will crown a new winner! I will post the odds on Friday for all that have said they will attend.

3. If you see William J Smiddy Kennedy down in Mashpee hobbknobbing with the stars tell him his friends miss him!!


JackieMoon said...

Full live Band called Ripcord on Saturday night. It will be fun. It will also be a time to discuss the next themed pub crawl. I'm thinking, Where's Smiddy? Pub Crawl theme. You go into every bar in Boston but you can't find him. Just kidding Smiddy.

----Jackie Moon

RIO said...

well said jackiemoon, but lets keep in mind smiddy supports you my friend and word is you wouldnt be where you are today at DJS without him. Just kidding like Jason