Monday, May 19, 2008

1st post

I figured that I would start my first blog talking about things that I like: Sports and Booze!!

I'd like to congratulate the Boston Celtics on one HELL of a game. Even Lebitch James couldn't complain..."He was well overdue for a breakout game, he played really well -- and that's why he's going to the next round and we're not," (James thoughts on Paul Pierces 41 point effort).

The Red Sox are back in 1st place thanks to 2 HR's by Papi.

Mike and I are going for a 2fer on Thursday. Red Sox/Royals game at 1:35 and the Celtics/Pistons at's gonna be a long day of boozing and an expensive one at that...wish us luck that we make it through both (more me than Mike - he was born to booze, he is like a thoroughbred of drinking).

Now onto the boozing. The 1st Annual Mustache Pubcrawl was a huge success and the 2nd one should be even bigger, badder and better! Save the Date MAY 16th, 2009...start your stache now.

I guess I will use this space to let people know whats going on, where the partys at and just for over all ball busting. If you want to add anything feel free to.

And PS if anyone see Smiddy at the Kowloon let me know.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear about all the sheningans in boston.....maybe I should post some west coast sheningans pics.....

Anonymous said...

Good stuff!
I'll bookmark in my favorites and check back often.
If you need any tips shoot me an e-mail. I am an old pro at it by now.

(M. Foley)

Anonymous said...

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