Wednesday, May 21, 2008

From the desk of the Dot Day Bowl-Off champ..

As the only repeat winner of this prestigous award, I am saddened with the news that I am positively not going to be defending my title. A title by the way that I revere, and no, not the Smiddy Revere either.
I have represented Mr Dot Day Bowl-Off with the dignity and prestige it deserves during my tenure, and because of the popularty it has brought my way I was asked to perform at a charity golf tournament to help sick kids on the first weekend of June.
I committed to playing in a 2 day tournament in Yarmouth for the sick little tykes, however, should mother nature want to see a 3-peat, it will rain Saturday night into Sunday morning, and like Smiddy hitting the Amrheins buffet, I will drive like there is no tomorrow to make to this wonderful event.
Bill "7/10 split" Flaherty


Anonymous said...

candlepin is not bowling!

Anonymous said...

Haha yes candlepin is not bowling. 49 states agree on this and have never heard of stupid candlepin. So suck it MA!!!

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