Monday, April 11, 2022

where are you?

 Hey Spring? WHERE ARE YOU?? Are we still battling Global warming? Why is it 36 degrees.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. I ain't got time for family drama....

2. ...but if your uncle calls your aunt a fucking bitch at a surprise bday party. I am here for that.

3. I wish I had carpentry skills.

4. The Masters was overall pretty boring but man Cameron Smiths mustache and mullet, restored my faith in humanity.

5. Rumor has it Chrissy is on the wagon, but you didn't hear that from me.

6. Watching baseball so far this season(I know it has been only 3 games) but every one seems slow.

7. I hear people ramping up to jump both feet on the Celtics bandwagon.

8. Mikey T is gonna have a 2 on 2 pick up game tournament of dunk hoop at his house this summer. Start stretching.

9. TK is gonna start looking for a place down in the St. Pete/Tampa Bay area.

10. Good Luck Brittany Boyce on the marathon next Monday.

11. Have you been to Home Depot or Lowes lately?  Their shelves are less stocked than the super market.

12. BJ's gas used to be 10 cents less as a member now its only 5.

See you all next week at the Marathon.

1 comment:

Newton and Deagan's BMC nemesis said...

#2- Fake news, show me the video/audio

#5- 2 weeks tops

#8- I fucking hate basketball but would like Mikey T to invite me, so I can lay down some hate to the competitors

#12 - The price of real BJ's went up $5 but it will cost you $10 if you pass gas while getting one.