Monday, April 4, 2022

April Showers

It looks like rain all week long. So hopefully this will let my grass seed grow.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Cougars are out and about on Sundays, looking for prey.

2. Fucking Boyce hitting $1350 on Keno.

3. Speaking of Boyce, his wife is running the marathon and she has been doing raffles on social media if you are interested in sponsoring her.

4. Drag Brunch happens at Cagney's every other weekend.

5. Moon Knight is crazy!

6. "Fuck Face" isn't used enough.

7. Tough loss for the Uconn ladies but not as tough as the Duke loss and Coach K.

8. Nothing makes me smile more than Chrissy ordering the hottest wings at DJs and asking for the extra wet and the look on the servers face always makes me happy.

9. Sometimes you just need a brownie sundae for dinner.

10. Who doesn't love a Saturday night phone call from your bank telling you someone is trying to book an Air B & B in California, with your credit card.

11. Lets all hope TK is enjoying his fun in the sun, Florida vacation.

12. Red Sox season kicks off Thursday, at 1:05 vs the Yankees.

13. I heard HK Dave is trying to rally a trip to see Limp Bizkit, Tuesday May 10th.

14. We are all on board for the World Cup right? 

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