Monday, February 7, 2022

So more winter?

I know that the rodent down in Punxsutawney said more winter but I already told you TK said less winter so snow until April 27th. LOCK IT UP!

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Chrissy hates John Mayer, with a passion, and I don't know why.

2. I guess Bezos didn't make enough money during the pandemic, Amazon is going up $20.

3. Well I binged Reacher and I enjoyed every second. If you read the books the show is more inline with that than the Tom Cruise movies.

4. If you haven't watched the Tinder Swindler on Netflix, like whoa.

5. Shh don't forget Welchies Bday is Thursday and Jeffreys is Sunday. So as always party like its your own.

6. Just found out that even the Cape has a fucking St. Pattys day parade.

7. Congrats to Mario on the B Fit challenge in 18 minutes and 20 seconds.

8. Have you ever read Alice in Wonderland? Would you get an Alice in wonderland themed tattoo/sleeve?

9. Speaking of tattoos, I heard a whole back piece is about 40 hours. Just saying!

10. Rumor has it Joe Martell is not going on the wagon but is stopping going out to drink.

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