Monday, March 22, 2021


 Spring has sprung mother fuckers!

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Ronin met McMurray:

2. Dump runs are for the bird.

3. Don't worry, Chris is still looking and putting offers on houses.

4. Corned beef and cabbage should be more than a once a year thing.

5. It was good to be back at a bar and semi normal watching March Madness.

6. I over heard people at the bar talking about the Real ID and how they cant wait to travel, and I felt that (the travel not the real ID talk).

7. Easter seems to be really early this year. Less than 2 weeks away and I already can taste the ham.

8. Welcome to Phase 4 step 1!!

9. The Snyder cut of Justice League is a way better version of the movie than Whedons bullshit piece.

10. I can't be the only person wanting new movies or tv shows to come out.

11. Leaden being a a good Samaritan and teaching Buffalo Wild Wings staff how to do Keno Transactions is something.

12. Don't look now but Tom Kelly is officially on the Snap chat. 

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